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Even after all the Krill Pellets have been consumed by the fish, the smells and feeding signals will linger around your spot and drive fish wild as they hunt out every last morsel.

For anyone who doesn’t know, krill is an extremely nutritious, small, shrimp-like marine crustacean found mainly in the Antarctic Ocean. Much of the planet’s marine life relies heavily on krill to form a large part of its natural diet and it is used in many commercially available, top-end koi feeds. Looking at its nutritional profile it’s easy to see why so many fish species find krill irresistible. It is full of high quality, usable protein and has an excellent fatty acid profile.

A brilliant addition to any spod mix or PVA bag, though they are at their best when used in conjunction with Sticky’s Pure Krill Liquid.

Available in 4mm in 1kg bags, 2.5kg Resealable Bags


The immensely effective pellet is infused with the same attractors and feed stimulants as the boilies. This gives the pellets a sweet pungent maple aroma and a rich brown colour that matches the boilies perfectly.

Their rapid but constant leak-off makes them incredibly effective at pulling fish to your baited area, and then their quick breakdown ensures that the fish are kept feeding for hours.

Great for use in PVA bags, groundbaits or spod mixes and can also be ‘balled up’ with the addition of a liquid, which makes them ideal for moulding, round a method feeder. For a really effective tip try fishing a Vor-Tex Dumbell Wafter over a mix of Vor-Tex Pellet and chopped Vor-Tex Boilies. What fish could resist this bed of complete attraction!

Available in 4mm in 1kg bags, 2.5kg Resealable Bags


These are one of the most popular and devastatingly effective, pellets ever produced! Our most famous product is the original and best Bloodworm Pellet which kick-started the bloodworm revolution many years ago. Many firms have tried to imitate our idea, but none have succeeded and these Bloodworm Pellets firmly remain the market leader.

We give a complete food source, low oil pellet a unique two stage secret coating. The outer coating breaks away from the pellet and sends food particles and signals up through the water column to pull any fish towards the baited area. The second coating leaks out a dense dark red cloud of bloodworm goodness that clings to the lakebed of the baited area. They can also be ‘balled up’ with the addition of a liquid, which makes them ideal for moulding round a method feeder.

Over the years Sticky have constantly worked on these pellets to ensure that they are produced to the highest possible quality. Bloodworm play a vital role in the natural diet of the carp we all fish for, so what better way is there to try and catch them then by using something they have a natural instinct to consume without fear or caution? Countless people report the best feeding response they have ever experienced after using these Bloodworm Pellets for the first time. Can you afford not to try them?

Available in 4mm in 1kg bags, 2.5kg Resealable Bags

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Krill 4mm, Vortex 4mm, Bloodworm 4mm


1kg, 2.5kg

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