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Standard Sasuage Gun

Entry level Sausage Gun but with the ability to produce perfectly sized sausages for your Rolaball. Perfect for home bait making with small quantities.

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Comes complete with 8 different sized nozzles which can be trimmed if required.
  • Suitable for all but the hardest mixes.
  • Capacity 300ml.

Deluxe Sasuage Gun XT

The same basic internals as the Deluxe Sausage Gun but with a different cam to provide lower gearing on the compression stroke makes the XT Gun much easier on the wrists – especially with those harder mixes.

  • A word of caution here; there is a practical limit to how hard a mix can be extruded through a gun, even a tough metal one. If you are having to squeeze the trigger too hard then the mix is too stiff and will be difficult to roll anyway.
  • Capacity 600ml.

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Standard Sausage Gun, Deluxe Sausage Gun XT

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