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Royale® Bedchair

Standard and XL We appreciated that not all anglers can either afford or justify spending the money that our revolutionary Flatliner bedchair commands so we felt it only right that we should also offer a lower priced bedchair under the Royale badge.
Despite its lower price tag the three leg Royale bedchair is still incredibly comfortable and if we are being brutally honest it puts most other companies ‘top end’ bedchairs to shame! We have tried to keep the frame a flat as possible, as we know from the development of the Flatliner that the flatter the bedchair the greater your comfort! In addition we have used a very well-padded fleece mattress and two elasticated lumbar support mid-sections in order to further enhance the comfort factor.
The Royale bedchair is also available in a wider, XL version for anglers who require a little extra room! Do not be fooled by the low price tag on either model, as they really do offer unrivalled value for money in their price points. If you are on a tight budget and are looking for an incredibly well built and comfortable bedchair then the Royale range is certainly worth further investigation.
Standard Weight: 11.3kg Length: 208cm Width: 84cm Min. height: 25cm Max. height: 38cm Folded dimensions: 84cm x 80cm x 22cm
XL: Weight: 12.4kg Length: 208cm Width: 98cm Min. height: 28cm Max. height: 46cm Folded dimensions: 98cm x 80cm x 22cm

Additional information

Weight 11.3 kg
Dimensions 208 x 84 x 25 cm

Royale Bedchair, Royale Bedchair XL

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