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Affordable yet exceptional the success of the Emblem ST goes on and on. Proven
to be the equal of the biggest carp in the land an Emblem ST is a partner to
depend upon. Large Tapered spools and excellent line lay provide effortless
casting for big pits and reservoirs. There huge line capacity also lends them to
demanding extremes of boating baits hundreds of yard on colossal European
Precision engineering and ball bearing construction gives smooth operation and
incredible winding power to deal with the stresses of casting and retrieving
heavy semi fixed leads, marker floats or even bait missiles. When you’ve hooked
your target fish the sensitive multi disc drag puts you firmly in

* Twist Buster Eliminates up to 90% of line twist
* Superb
line lay from worm gear oscillation
* Gyro spin system for perfect rotor
* Super smooth ten washer front drag.
* Spring loaded line
* One touch folding handle.
* Compatible with the Universal Bite
‘n’ Run Converter.
* Ratio 5:1.1
* Line Capacity 280m – 18lbs
* Weight:

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